APL and J workshop

Workshop of JAPLA 2022

21/Mar./2022 Kasiwa Pallet
Sum of natural nubmers  NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Magic Square of affine transformation using J  NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Formula of peakout YAMAMOTO Yoichi PDF
Image recognition -8x8 of numbersSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

Workshop of JAPLA 2021

Oct/2021 Online
Square matrix of Seki Takakazu-5 7 and 9 aquare matrix  NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(j9)
Some derivative modelsSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

May-June/2021 Online
Fractal Graphics of J-H fractal and Tree fractal  NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Square matrix of Seki Takakazu-5 7 and 9 aquare matrix  NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Addition teotem of trigonometric function by Wiet  SHIMURA Masato PDF

JAN-FEB/2021 Online
Peter-Francle Series with J  NISHIKAWA toshio PDF ijs(j9)
Pyson Programing by J UserNISHIKAWA ToshioPDF

Workshop of JAPLA 2020

Dec/2020 Online
Super-Ellipse program with JNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(j9)
Collatz Sequence with JNISHIKAWA ToshioPDFijs

17/Oct/2020 Nakano/Tokyo
J-gl2 Graphics - sum and innerproducts of vectorNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(j9)
Try the Prosessing programNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF

12/Sept/2020 Nakano/Tokyo
Enjoy with J-「Secrets of Pyramid」NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Understanding with making program (vector) -Nikkeisoftware 2020/09SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC

June/2020 Nakano ward/Tokyo
A graphics on J9- nplot routineNISHIKAWA tosjio PDF
A Differential equation model and graphics on J9 NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Quotanion and rotation of Regular polyhedron (2) SHIMURA Masato PDF
Memo of J901SUDA Yuhji PDF

may/2020 on the NET
A graphics on J9- nplot routineNISHIKAWA tosjio PDF
a Differential equation model and graphics on J9 NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Comunication and infomation -one of spetial processing model and graph YAMAMOTO Youichi PDF

march/2020 on the NET
Compare a programing languageーnow and bygone NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Transeposetion of music code NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(j8/9)
Wonderhul coinside of contengency YAMAMOTO Youichi PDF
Linear Math once again SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Math Package of JSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

17/Jan./2020 Nakano Ward/Tokyo
About J901 SHIMURA Masato PDF
Gosper curve and J Graphics(2))-How to draw Gosper curve on honeycomb patarn tailing NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(j406)
About Math Package of J SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Raspberrypi4 and various calculation tool SHIMURA Masato PDF
math/misc of J (under construction) SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

Workshop of JAPLA 2019

14/Dec./2019 Kannai Yokohama City
Gosper curve and J Graphics- honeycomb patarn tailing NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Build in JDLL Server to Smartphone Toribe Rentaro
About 2*2 Contignency TableYAMAMOTO Yoichi
Poker , Contract Bridge and 13 base SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Fractal curve of Helbert and Sierpinski SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

19/Oct./2019 Nakano ward/Tokyo
Inversion with J-approach by Computer Geometry NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J8)
R language is a tool using APL and J like C- NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Automatic Transformation of French and APL,J- NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Regular polyhedron and rotation by quarternion SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

14/Sept./2019 Bunkyo ward Chuo Univ. Faculty of Science and Engeneering
Cooperation of R and J KAMAKURA Toshinari PDF
Inversion with J-approach by Computer Geometry NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J4)
Inversion of complex geometry SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs ijs
Packing of Apolonius circles SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

02/Aug./2019 Adachi Ward Ohyaji Spa.
Graphics of complex number using J gl2-No1 NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J4)
Packing Circle of Apolonius with J -from Pearl of Indra - NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J4)
Maytix regression with J TORIBE Reatarou PDF
J graphics using math parameter(revised edition) SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

29/June/2019 Chuo-Univ. Faculty of Science and Engeneering/Bunkyo ward Tokyo
Database of J /jd KAMAKURA Toshinari PDF
Quadratic Residue of Gauss number theory No.4
Golden theorem is wonder and surprised
Nishikawa Toshio PDF ijs(J8)
Matrix expression with J Toribe Rentaro PDF
Matrix is loos good for quaternion SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Rotation and Graphics of quaternion (1) SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Quaternion in J/addon SHIMURA Masato PDF
Papers for Engeneering history society - C and APL 西川 利男 PDF

18/may/2019 Nakano Ward/Tokyo
Number theoty of Gauss(No3) -Quadratic Residue and Legandre notation NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J8)
J on Smartphone -number theory and graphics NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J8)
Statistics and J Language(written by G.Suzuki) J807 Version TORIBE Rentaro PDF
Transmission Cource and Graph YAMAMOTO Yoichi
Drawing Geometric figure using Parameter(3D)く SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

09/MAR/2019 Kannai Yokohama city
Seeking Pythagorean 2 square numbers (No.2) Natural numbers and Pythagorean numbers NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J8)
J Script for Statistical analysis (Revision Version for WIN/Android) TORIBE Rentarou
Transmission Cource and Graph YAMAMOTO Yoichi
Drawing Geometric figure using Parameter SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Simple genetic algorithm with J SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Traveling Salesman probrem and Genetic argorithm SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

19/JAN/2019 Nakano ward/Tokyo
Seeking Pythagorean 2 square numbers using Fermars infinite descent method NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J8)
Gaussian Modulus and J NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Linear argebra and J ーusing J as function calculator SHIMURA Masato PDF
Bernulle spiral and iteration function SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

Workshop of JAPLA 2018

08/Dec./2018 YokohamaCity
Group Theoly and JーJ is a powerful calculating tool for grouptheoly NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Introduction of J programing for Excel users ーAn Example of Yamamoto's [Meterial and cutting] NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J8)
Transmission of Infomation and Tree diagram YAMAMOTO Yoichi
How to draw a Euler's beautiful formulas SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

30/Oct./2018 Nakano Ward/Tokyo
Rank of J Languageーto consider about noun and verb NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
A NP problem- Material removal (IV)YAMAMOTO Yoichi
Statistical programing with JTORIBE Rentaro
Complex number and graphicsーCircumferential equidistance equation SHIMURA Masato PDF

08/Sept./2018 NakanoWard/Tokyo
Magic Square of even Numbers with J NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J8 Android)
About Lanchester's Law Yamamoto Yoichi
Markov chain and Lislie matrixSHIMURA Masato PDF
Complex numbers and Science PlotSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

04/Aug./2018 Nakano Ward/Tokyo/SummerSession
Magic Square of odd Numbers with J NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J8)
Natural Language and Programing Language-APL and J NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Some Judgement using Standard Deviation YAMAMOTO Yohichi
Source Code Library of J (Momento Smart phone aprication) TORIBE Rentarou PDF ZIP
Introduction of Python-Jupyter Notebook and LibrarySHIMURA Masato PDF
J and Python-compare both SourceCode SHIMURA Masato PDF
J on JupyterNotebook SHIMURA Masato PDF

18/June/2018 Nakano ward/Tokyo
Make a easy statisticical pocket calculator using J (No2):Graph and deviation value NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J4) ijs(J8)
Chisquare value is change with value YAMAMOTO Yohichi
Using gl2 graphicsSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs(J8) ijs(J8)
Sewing thread Mandala and J8 Graphics(dwin) SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Sewing thread Mandala and J8 graphics(gl2) SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

19/May/2018 Nakano Ward/Tokyo
Graphics for Crosspoint of 2 Circles and Arch Shape (No3) - using mouse phase appears everywhere NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J4)
Chi square to Standard deviation YAMAMOTO Yohichi
Learning J(Roger Stock) (Japanese:for Smartphone) TORIBE Rentaro PDF
Using GitHubSHIMURA Masato PDF
About JaplaPackage SHIMURA Masato HTML

10/Mar./2018 Kannai/Yokohama City
Graphics for Crosspoint of 2 Circles and Arch Shape (No2) --J and nonlinear Simultaneous Equation-- NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J4)
Database of J Primitive for SmartPhone(Revised Edition)TORIBE Rentaro
Go around a history of Mathematics with JSHIMURA Masato J-firstbook
Note for Probability(No0)-Binomial distribution SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

Workshop of JAPLA 2017

09/Dec./2017 Yokohama City
----------Tutorial Session-----------------
A statiscal tool with J--Why Statistics is hard to understand-- NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Learning J(Author Roger Stokes/transrated by ToribeTORIBE Rentaro PDF
J806 and AVXSHIMURA Masato PDF
----------Study Session-----------------
Plastering archi inside of 2 circles --for arabesque tailing-- NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Graphics of Alhambra Tile (1)(J8)SHIMURA Masato PDF zip
Graphics of Alhambra Tile--Geometory and construction--(J8版) SHIMURA Masato PDF
Probrem of Cutting materials with fixed mesurementYAMAMOTO Yohichi
About computable functionsSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

21/Oct./2017 Nakano Ward/Tokyo
Learnung J (Transrated Japanese by TORIBE Rentaro)(1/2)TORIBE Rentaro PDF
Graphics of Mandelbrot with J NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
A Probrem of cutting a base metalYAMAMOTO Yohichi
Alhambra tail Graphics(J8版)SHIMURA Masato PDF zip

09/Sept/2017 Nakano-ward/Tokyo
Playing Shogi game with J(No2) NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Display Bitmap file on J602 NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
2 Cases of Fil handling of J NISHIKAWA Toshio
Complemention to Chisquare 1 degree of freedum (No4)YAMAMOTO Yohichi
Report of JDLLServerTORIBE Rentarou
Complex numbers and J GraphicsSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

05/Aug/2017 Kannai/Yokohama City=Summer Session
Drawing Tokyo Olympic Embrem with J Tailing graphics NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Playing Shogi Game with J Language NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Circumstance of my book [4th Dimension Geometory] SHIMADA Yoshihiro
A Exponential function model consideling AmbiguityTORIBE Rentaro PDF
retrospective view of「Introduction to J Language」TORIBE Rentarou
Cutting a base metal YAMAMOTO Yohichi
Make a perpetual carender with gregorian calenderSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Amicable numbersSHIMURA Masatp PDF ijs

17/June/2017 Nakano ward/Tokyo
Drawing Tokyo Olympic Emblem with J Tailing graphics NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
J-LAB system and Presentation NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Note about Chiaquare(2) using random numbers YAMAMOTO Yohichi
Pascal triangle and network SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
A Exponential function model consideling AmbiguityTORIBE Rentaro PDF

ORIBE Rentaro
20/May./2017 Nakano ward/Tokyo
Ilusion Graphics by J language NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
How to deal with French Science papers - my practical strategy
Note about Chisquare(2)-Using random numbers YAMAMOTO Yohichi
A exponential functional Model considerling Ambiguity T NISHIKAWA Toshio
Pascal triangle and J languageSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
JAPLA Package of J languageSHIMURA Masato PDF
ProjectEuler and lesson of J programing SHIMURA Masato PDF PDF ijs ijs

11/Mar./2017 Kannai/YokohamaCity
Note about ChiSquare (1) YAMAMOTO Yohichi
J language Aplication using JDll Server TORIBE Rentaroh PDF
Drawing Symmetory by Group Theory (No2)--Wallpaper Graphics NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Penrose Tile Graphicu using J NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Drawing Olympic and Paralympic symbols by Hokusai EdoKomon(Smallpatarns) くSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Gallaly of Equation(No2)- Hypergeometrics SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

21/Jan./2017 Nakano ward/Tokyo
Composing Calendar using Zeller formula NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Drawing symmetory by group theory and geometrics NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Edo komon plover cross stich, A Wallpaper of small patarn SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Gallary of notation(1) Gamma function and graphicsSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

Workshop of JAPLA 2016

10/Dec./2016 Kannai/Yokohama Prefecture
----------Tutorial Session-----------------
J Programing for Basic C User--2 Way of Explicit and Tacit definition-- NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Calc BezierCurve only 2 lines script SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
TIPS(1)-(Tayler Expantion)SHIMURA Masato PDF
----------Study Session-----------------
Note about Chi squareYAMAMOTO Yohichi
Gallery of Notation -Normal distribution curve SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
J JDll Server and J application using VisualStudio2015 VB.NETTORIBE Rentarou PDF
Enjoy Rubik Cube -OpenGL graphics and group theory NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J6) ijs(J4)

22/Oct./2016 Nakano Ward Tokyo metropolice//
Revisit Chi Square test and Statistics NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Chi Square test YAMAMOTO Yohichi PDF
JDllServer of J602 (1)TORIBE Rentarou
My Study activity in Keio Univ. Hujisawa Campus OHTSUKA Takao
Moesners Magic numbersSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

10/Sept./2016 Nakano Ward Tokyo//
Continued Fraction and pi -Enjoy J programming NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Some Mt Huji type curves of Statistics-Lorenz curve and Gauss curve NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Chi square modelYAMAMOTO Yohichi PDF
About Chi square distribution SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
JDllServer by J602 again -buildin JExpression to Windows programs- TORIBE RentaroPDF
Plot Spiral of Archimedes by polar coordinatesSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Katsushika Hokusai'sSmall patarn for KimonoSHIMURA Masato PDF

08/Aug./2016 Nakano Ward Tokyo //SummerSession
J-Quick Tutorial - using J Quick References((2)-feature of Matrix and structure of J Nishikawa Toshio PDF
HyperGeometrics function and J programing- Normal distribution,Error function and cumulative dencity function Nishikawa Toshio PDF
Using Xoji for GUI of J console (Ver.1)SUda Yuji PDF zip
J8 and PLOTShimura Masato PDF
Katushika Hokusai's small patarn for Kimono (1)Shimura Masato PDF
Memo of programming for Hokusai Shimura Masato PDF
Euclid's expand argorithm Nakano Yoshihiro PDF

25/June/2016 Nakano Ward Tokyo
J-Quick Tutorial(1)- numerical computation and programmingーusing J Quick Reference NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Principal analysis and cluster analysisSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs SRC(pdf)
TIPS collectionSHIMURA Masato PDF
Compute continuans fraction by Pocket-calculatorNakano Yoshihiro PDF
17/May/2016 Nakano ward Tokyo
Some Differential geometory(Involute,Evolute,Envelope..) drawing by J graphics NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Correspondence analysy sand J Language(Part 1) TORIBE Rentaro PDF
Introduction fvj4: J Graphics Addon of C.ReiterSHIMURA Masato PDF
Using Xojo for GUI of Jconsole SUDA Yuji PDF ZIP ZIP ZIP

12/MAR./2016 Kannai YokohamaCity
J Script of QR decomposition and 3D Graphics NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs SRC(PDF)
Guide of Graphics tool Processing for SmartPhone NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
3 type Script for Lorenz equation SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs SRC(PDF)

16/JAN./2016 Nakano ward/Tokyo
Computing EigenValue and EigenVector using Power Method and Defration Method NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Multiple regression using J804-Android TORIBE Rentaro PDF ijs
Arithmatic mean and geometorin meanYAMAMOTO Yohichi PDF
Perfect number, Fratenal number and Mersenne numberSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

Workshop of JAPLA 2015

05/Dec./2015 Kannaj/YokohamaCity
J-OpenGL 3D Graphics(No12)-Flower of Morning grory and Mobius strip NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
J language Smartphone application series(1)-Correspondence analysis Toribe Rentaro
Pellian algorithm using MatricesSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Successor question (1) Factorization of successor 111111111..NAKANA Yoshihiro PDF

17/Oct./2015 Nakano Ward Tokyo
Various Spiral curves with Polal coordinate-Fermat spiral NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Arithmatic mean and geometric meanYAMAMOTO Yohichi
Enjoy J,Mathematica,and Music using Raspberry-piSHIMURA Masato PDF
Euclidend Argorithm ,continued fraction and Diophantine approximationNAKANO Yoshihro PDF

12/Sept./2015 Nakano Ward Tokyo
Various Spiral curves by Polal coordinate -J・Plot Graphicd program NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
About a Residue SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

04/Aug./2015 NakanoWardTokyo
Multicolumn calculation of pi by J NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Small patarn of wood print by Katsushika Hokusai(J6 to J8)SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs ijs

13/June/2015 Nakano ward/Tokyo
CORDIC(COordinate Rotation DIgital Computer)by JNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Catalogue of J primitives TORIBE Rentaro pdf
Viewmat and color of flowersSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Euclidean Algolism,Continued fraction and indererminate equationSHIMURA Masato PDF

16/May./2015 Nakato Ward Tokyo
Retrieve Japanese ambigupous phraseーUsing J Regular Expression(3) NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Catalogue of J Primitives(from Book of SUZUKI Giichiro) TORIBE Rentaro
gT--Gram PeriodYAMAMOTO Yohichi
J LAPACK and Linear AlgebraSHIMURA Masato PDF
J on Smapho-(JAPLA/HTML Edition)SHIMURA Masato go-JAPLA

14/Mar./2015 Kannai/Yokohama City
Using J Language on Smartphone and Tablet-J 801 Android and PC TORIBE Rentaro PDF
J-QT and J-Console on Smartphone-Compare to execution and structure of both probram NISHIKAWA ToshioPDF
Diagonalize the Orthogonal MatrixSHIMADA Yoshihiro PDF
Using Mathematical notation of TeX on HTML- MathJaxSHIMURA Masato PDF
Indeterminate equation of Brahma Gupta SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

17/Jan./2015 Nakano ward/Tokyo
Explore directory structure of Smartphone using JNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Using J Language on smartphone and Android tablet(J8 instead of J console)TORIBE Rentaro PDF
Indeterminate equation of Brahma Gupta SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Random walk and the tree covered with ice and snowSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

Workshop of JAPLA 2014

06/Dec./2014/Symposium Nakano Ward Tokyo
----------Tutorial Session-SmartPhone and J--------
A Note of struggle to play J on smartphoneNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Using J Language on smartphone and tabletーgraph and plot for novice Toribe Rentarou PDF
----------Study Session----------
Take out material question on EXCELYAMAMOTO Yohichi
J program and commentary of takeout material questionSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Using Network for take out material questionSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Knapsack question-countup method SHIMURA MAsato PDF ijs
Elliptic Integration - mathematics and graphics of ellipse and lemniscate curves NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
The center of gravity on complex triangle plane NAKANO Yoshihiro PDF

18/Oct./2014Nakano Ward/Tokyo
Using Caos and nonlinear equation at hands-3D Lorenz Caos graphics NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF PDF(Prezentation)
Cut it materials probremYAMAMOTO Yohichi
Some Magic squares SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
About graphics of j803/td>SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs ijs

20/Sept/2014Nakano Ward/Tokyo
New J language WEB page for SmartPhoneTORIBE Rentaroh PDF WEB
2D Graphics(gl2) for QT Version of J SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Drawing 3D Lily Flower using J-OpenGLNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs

04/Aug/2014Nakano Ward/Tokyo
Step by step Inspection of Lorenz Chaos 3D GraphicsNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs ijs
J with MultilingualView of Programming LanguageNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
A fair Orthogonal MatrixSHIMADA Yoshihiro PDF
Various AveragesYAMAMOTO Yohichi
About J802 for WINDOWSSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

14/June/2014Nakano ward/Tokyo
Programing using Gerund for Keplers 3rd law NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Catalogue of J-Primitive for SmartPhoneTORIBE Rentarou PDF PDF PDF TXT
Economic Indicator wihtout infration and defrationYAMAMOTO Yohichi
J for Android Tablet ComputerSHIMURA Masato PDF
Lorenz simaltaneous ordinally differential equation and Runge-Kutta method SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

19/APR./2014Kannai/Yokohama City
J Language for novice(J8)TORIBE Rentaro PDF
J Language for buisiness use(J8)TORIBE Rentaro PDF
Hermit polynomial and Harmonic vibration of quantum using JNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Recursion , Matrix and Continued fractionSHIMADA Yoshihiro PDF
Price Index of world foodsYAMAMOTO Yohichi
Aqualium of functions(1)(J6)SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

15/MAR./2014Kannai/Yokohama City
A Numerical value of Bessel functionYAMASHITA Noriyuki PDF
J-OpenGL 3D Graphics(No.11) Bessel function of film vibration of Dram NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
J-OpenGL Bezier Graphics(No.1)-smooth curve on plane space NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
J-OpenGL Bezier Graphics(No.2)-smooth curve on solid space NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
World Price index of foods YAMAMOTO Yohichi
Fractal graphics of Iteration and reduction(0)J6)SHIMURA Masato PDF

18/JAN/2014 Nakano Ward/Tokyo
Bessel function and continued fraction NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Price index of foods using simple weight unit YAMAMOTO Yohichi
Drawing Chinese character UMA type Edo small patarn SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Indras Pearl(Nr.0)SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

Workshop of JAPLA 2013

07/Dec./2013/Symposium Nakano Ward Tokyo
A Root finding of tree with breadth search NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
About local currency[Watt]YAMAMOTO yohichi
Solve Lorenz equation using matrix form SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

18/Oct./2013Nakano Tokyo
Learning Grid of J - Graphics programing of NumberLinkNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs ijs
A World of complex numbers graphics(1)SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

14/Sept./2013Nakano Ward Tokyo Metropolice
Geometrics with Experient and 3DGraphicsーVolume of Pyiramid is 1/3 of Prism NISGHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
About a Unit of priceYAMAMOTO Yhoichi
A World of complex numbers graphics(0)SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
WE hope to construction New Computer MuseumKikkawa Makoto

15/June/2013Nakano Ward Tokyo
J-OpenGL 3DGraphics(No10)Moebius belt NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
J firstbook(1) from Ah-mose to VieteSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

25/May/2013Nakano Ward/Tokyo
Graphics of J-OpenGL 4th notation solid fractal Tree NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs ijs
Geometrics in a rubber sheets (No. 0)SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

23/Mar/2013Denen-Chofu Taketomo
OOP for J UsersNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Proceeding 3rd notation using J NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Graphics of 3rd notation fractal treesNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs ijs
Numbers Series (No1) Mersenne numbers TAKEUCHI Juichiro
BigMac Indexs and thereafter YAMAMOTO Yohichi
Notes of Stocastic differential equation(No. 1)SHIMURA Masato PDF

26/Jan/2013Shibuya Tokyo
Cleanup BMP image using J NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
J Language and Data Processing-2 Script finding Prime numbers NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
J Language First book SHIMURA Masato

Workshop of JAPLA 2012

08/Dec./2012(Symposium)Denen-Chofu Oota ward Tokyo Metropolis
Very easy Introduction of J Language NISHIKAWA Toshio
How to find Cubic root NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Games of Coin rearrangement TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF ijs
Numbers series No1 Perfect numbers TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF
Crest design book of Katsushika Hokusai(No3 for J6) SHIMURA Masato PDF ZIP
Print form for Hokusai(for J6)SHIMURA Masato PDF ZIP

27/Oct/2012Shibuya Tokyo
A eternal spinning TopsYAMASHITA Noriyuki TXT
About natural logarithm e YAMAMOTO Yohichi
The Planet and J graphicsNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
Education of theoretical mechanics by movement NISHIKAWA Toshio
Besier curves and matrix formSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
How to count whole Division numbers SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC

22/Sept/2012Shibuya Tokyo
Group Theory with J-OpenGL Graphics/Rotate Tetrahedron NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
Palindrome numbers and 196 questionSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC

Besier Curve and Besier Matrix FormSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC

Group Theory,Rubiks Cube OpenGL Graphics andnJ NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Group Theory by J(No.4)-Dihedral group and Permutation group NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
Combination and grouping problem YAMAMOTO Yohichi/NISHIKAWA T. SRC
Programming of Katsushika Hokusais [Small patarn design book](No.2)SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC SRC
Some graphics of Curves (J6)SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
Picture of JAPLA (june/2012)with C.Burkeand S.GarlandYAMAMOTO Yohichi

16/June/2012Statistical mathematics Institute Tachikawa Tokyo
Some topics about J LanguageChris Burke Regeme
K Language and Q Database Simon Garland Regeme
Group Theory,Rubiks Cube OpenGL Graphics andnJ NISHIKAWA Toshio
Combination of members YAMAMOTO Yohichi
Programming of Hokusais [Small patarn design book](No.2)SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC

26/May/2012Statistical mathematics Institute,Tachikawa-city Tokyo metropolis
Lagrange and Spline interpolation (program and graphics) NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
Interpolation and curve fitting by polynomialsSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
Combination and grouping problemsYAMAMOTO Yohichi

28/Apr./2012Statistical Mathematics Institute Tachikawa-city Tokyo Metropolis
Group theotry for Wallpaper graphics NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
Introduction to Personal and Recreational Programming of J NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
Graphics parts for drawing flowersSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC

31/Mar./2012Statistical Mathematics Institute Tachikawa-city Tokyo Metropolis
J-OpenGL graphics using J and Rubic Cube(4) -Color command and formula - NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC(406) SRC(602)
J programming system surrouding NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Cross programming using J NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Symbolic logic and SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
Some question to apply Multiplier theory YAMAMOTO Yohichi

25/Feb./2012Statistical Mathematics Institute Japan
J-OpenGL Graphics using J and Rubic Cube(3) -Operating Rubic Cube with J Regular expressions-NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Regular exprssion and Patarn maching Language -SNOBOL,Perl,J-Regex-NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Rrime numbersSuzuki Giichiro PDF SRC
Exsecise J(2)(loop and matrices calculas)-Dudoneys Mathematical Puzzle SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC

28/Jan./2012Statistical Mathematics Institute/Tachikawa-city Tokyo Metropolis
J-OpenGL 3D Graphics of Rubik cube(2) Using Group theoly NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(J402)
About Japanese economic Indices YAMAMOTO Yohichi
2 topics for welfare SUZUKI Giichiro
Exercise J(1)-drawing Dragon with prime numbersSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
Old-established binary Computer by Neipia SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs

Workshop of JAPLA 2011

10/Dec./2011(Symposium)Statistical Mathematics Institute/Tachikawa-city Tokyo metropolis
Group theory and J(3)NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Enjoy Group theory and PuzzlesNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Statistical Test of Mean between Two PupulationsTAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF
Ruin problemSUZUKI Giichiro PDF ijs
Introduction of Signet verification System HAYASHI Yoshinobu
A small crest book(of Katsushika Hokusai No.1)(J6)SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
A complicated Eigenvalue questionNAKANO Yoshihiro PDF

26/Nov./2011 Statistical Mathematics Institute / Tachikawa Tokyo Metropolis
Group Theory and J Language NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs ijs
Using Graphics C.Reiters dwin (J602) SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
About Japanese Economics Index YAMAMOTO Yohichi PDF

22/Oct./2011 Statistical Mathematics Institute
Rubik cube and J-OpenGL 3DGraphicsNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs ijs
On a stochastic game with one-chance recoverySUZUKI Giichiro
Outline of J Graphics(J6)SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs ijs

24/Sept./2011 Statistical Mathematics Institute
Find Integer solution - triangle exposessing circleNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Complex injection rotation for Julia set NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Display color graphics with HSV NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
Probability to duplicate birthday SUZUKI Giichiro PDF SRC
Short Essay YAMAMOTO Yohichi PDF
Turtle graphics with J(2) pentagon hexagon Octagon etc SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
Turtle Graphics with J(3)Penrose and Mackey tileSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC

3-5/AUG/2011(SummerCamp) APL Cousultants Tateshina training center
Life Game(Nr.2)Using J Grid OOP NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs ijs
Poisson Probability Distribution SUZUKI Giichiro PDF SRC
Cross TableAnalysis KITAYAMA Kousuke
Pytagolian non right triangle MORISAWA Kazuhiro
Current of APL2SAIGUSA Kyosuke
Turtle Graffics and J(1)drawing figuresSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
Making Macro buttons of EXCEL2003TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF XLS

23/JULY/2011Statistical Mathematics Institute(Tachikawa-City Tokyo Ward )
Life Game(No1)primitive program of J NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Short essay SUZUKI Giichiro
Turtle Graphics with J(0)Dragon curveSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
Compose music using 3 Dicesー1/f EmulatorSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC

25/JUNE/2011 Statistical Mathematics Institute(Tachikawa-City Tokyo Ward )
LAB System of J and its background NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
Using Regurar Expression make Pascal Triangle at Pyramid style NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
Short Essay YAMAMOTO Yohichi PDF
A contributed articles for economics magazine SUZUKI Giichiro
Spirorateral and Turtle graphics using J(2)Patersons worm SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC SRC
EXCEL2007 and Macro buttons TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF

28/MAY/2011 Statistical Mathematics Instirute(Tachikawa-city)
Spiro;ateral and Turtle Graphics(1)SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
Probability of lead and come from behindSUZUKI Giichiro
Pythagorean numbers(3) using Beiler methods NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
Kaprekar numbers using #:,#. NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Some Examples in Finance problems(10)some topicsTAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF

23/APR/2011 Statistical Mathematics Institute(Tachikawa city Tokyo Ward)
Pytagorean number(2)Book of Silverman and JNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
Some Examples in Finance problems(9)Loan calculation(3)TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF SRC SRC
Some Examples to calcurate Radioactivity YAMAMOTO Yohichi PDF
Kaprekar numbers and JSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
A short Progression and PlanetsSHIMURA Masato PDF
Eigenvalue of MACH numberNakano Yoshihiro PDF
A retrospection and view on Mathematical education and computingKikkawa Makoto

26/MARCH/2011 Net Meeting caused by Touhoku earthquake
Jordan Decomposition of Complex numbers NAKANO Yoshihiro PDF
A System proceeding and J(4)Snooping Japanese Character Code(S-JIS、Unicode ,UTF-8) NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Pythagorenian numbers -try J701 NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
(Photo) APL97 at Tront with Chris Burke NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
Some Examples in Finance probrems(8)Loan Calculations TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF

26/FEB/2011 Statistical Mathematics Institute(Tachikawa city Tokyo Metropolis)
J701 and Browser Computing SHIMURA Masato PDF
A system proceeding and J(3)-display and print of APL2 session log NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
Short Commentary to J and DLL NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
How to find out a length of Triangles side MORISAWA Kazuhiro PDF SRC
The binomial and the beta binomial distribution and its modificationSUZUKI Giichirohu PDF SRC
Some Examples in FinanceProblems(1) TAKEUCHI Juichirou PDF SRC
Some Examples in Finance Problems(2) TAKEUCHI Juichirou PDF
Eigenvalue of vulgar Matrices NAKANO Yoshihiro PDF

22/Jan/2011 Institute of Statistical Mathematics(Tachikawa-city Tokyo Metropolis)
Compututing process with J(1)debug and dec-dumpNISHIKAWA Tosshio PDF SRC
Computing process with J(2)display APL characters NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
Compare Food Prices IndexYAMAMOTO Yohichi
Sudoku with shadowSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
Numeric Recipe for Econometrics(1)-Regressions-SHIMURA Masato PDF LZH
A la carte of Financial accountings(6) Some Examples in Finance problems(1)TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF SRC
Prime FactorialNAKANO Yoshihiro PDF
Basic Dictionary of J Wards(3.141592)SUDA Yuhji PDF lzh

Workshop of JAPLA 2010

  • 2010
  • 04/DEC/2010 Statistical Mathematics Institute (Tachikawa Tokyo Metropolis) Symposium
    Tutorial Session
    Part of Speech on J take J Quich ReferencesNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
    Numerical Integrals of Gaussian TypeTAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF
    Numerical Integral of Newton Cotes(A la carte)SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Study Session
    Enjoy Sudoku on EXCEL-JNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF PDF(2) PDF(3) SRC
    No5 Formulas for Non-Fixed Rates,Annuities and Durations(2) TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF SRC
    Probability of Succesive VictoriesSUZUKI Giichiro PDF
    Aquarium of Functions(0)SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Numeric Recipe for Econometrics(0)-Introduction-SHIMURA Masato PDF LZH
    Quantum Chemistry and EigenvectoesNAKANO Yoshihiro PDF SRC
    J Language Dictionary(3.1415・unfinished)SUDA Yuji PDF LZH

    27/Nov./2010 Statistical Mathematics Institute (Tachikawa-City Tokyo Metroplois)
    Beginners Regatta
    Connecting J and EXCELSHIMURA Masato PDF
    On the My Date Function "JUREKI"TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF ijs
    A misellaneous thoughts with 31 letters "Tanka"SUZUKI Giichiro PDF

    23/Oct./2010 Statistical Mathematics Institute (Tachikawa-City Tokyo Metroplois)
    J OprnGL Graphics(Nr.10))-simulation for Wave of Light and Sound NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
    Pribability of succesive victoriesSUZUKI Giichiro PDF ijs
    No4 Formulas for Non-Fixed Rates and Annuities(1) TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF ijs
    Laspetres indices of foods pricesYAMAMOTO Yohichi
    J form for Wavelet analysis of SNA indices SHIMURA Masato PDF LZH
    Dunham [Calculus Gallery]SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Eigenvalue and Eigenvector(Nr.2)Benzene-Examples for Quantum Chemistry NAKANO Yoshihiro PDF SRC
    Basic Dictionary of J Words(SUDA Edition)SUDA Yuji PDF

    25/Sept./2010 Statistical Mathematics Institute (Tachikawa-City Tokyo Metroplois)
    Sudoku on Excel with J calculationNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF XLS
    Quick sorting of English WordsNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
    Foulier translation and Wavelet translationNISHIKAWA Toshio
    About unit fractionSuzuki Giichiro
    Laspeyres indices of foods priceYAMAMOTO Yohichi
    Transformation of MatrixSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC(EXE)
    A simulation of unprofitable buisiness using irr functionSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Eigenvalue and eigenvectorNAKANO Yoshihiro PDF SRC
    Basic Dictionary of J Words(Suda Edition)SUDA Yuji PDF

    5-7/August/2010 APL Consultants Takeshina Training Center
    J-OpenGL Graphics(Nr.9) Dixons MathographicsNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
    Fibonacci numbers and J scriptsNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
    On sample variance and unbiased varianceSUZUKI Giichiro PDF SRC
    Making Multi-Dimentional Table using Base Functions TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF
    Structure of Microsoft Visual Basic 2005Ohkubo Yukiko
    A Wavelet analysis of Japanese Buisiness Trends -Numeric Recipe for Econometrics(4)SHIMURA Masato PDF lzh
    Numeric calculation of wave equationSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Determinant and Eigenvalues SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC(EXE)

    24/July/2010 Statistical Mathematics Institute (Tachikawa-City Tokyo Metrpolois)
    Numeric Solution of Differential Equation and its Graphics Display-Application to several Oscilation Proems in DynamicsNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC(406)
    On sample variance and unbiased variance SUZUKI Giichiro PDF SRC
    Votes and political power(Game theory(2))SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Detail of CombinationSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Unusual phenomenon and distribution(around poisson distribution)SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Making Multi-Dimentional Table using Base Functions TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF
    Inner products and Outer products on JNAKANO Yoshihiro PDF

    26/June/2010 Statistical Mathematics Institute (Tachikawa-City Tokyo Metroplois)
    Open japla.sakura.ne.jpSHIMURA Masato
    Atom for positive random number 「?/Roll/Deal」and numerical simulation SUZUKI Giichiro PDF SRC
    Partition number and allocationSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC SRC
    Alpha notation evolution of polynomials (from linear algebra by Rang(Nr.2)NAKANO Yoshihiro PDF SRC

    22/MAy/2010 Statistical Mathematics Institute(Tachikawa-city Tokyo
    Start new HP of JAPLA INFOSHIMURA Masato
    J-LAB for presentation tool(2) OpenGL of polyhedronNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF PDF SRC(J406)
    Rank association coefficient SUZUKI Giichiro PDF SRC
    A standard of pricesYAMAMOTO Yohichi
    Periphery of Hyper geometric function(2)TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF
    Aquarium of function(Weierstraus function)SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Alpha notation evolution of polynomials(from linear algebra by Rang) NAKANO Yoshihiro PDF

    24/APR./2010 Statistical Mathematics Institute (Tachikawa Tokyo)
    OpenGL with J(No.8)texture patarn of DiceNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC(J406)
    Spearmans order coefficient SUZUKI Giichiro PDF SRC
    A International system unit of Consumer priceYAMAMOTO Yohichi
    Game-theory(mixed strategy and Logit equilibrium)SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Notes on the Hypergeometric functions(No.1)TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF SRC
    Base transformation with desimal numbersNAKANO Yoshihiro PDF
    J quick reference(ver.2)J research Group PDF

    27/MAR/2010 Statistical Mathematics Institute(Tachikawa-Tokyo)
    OpenGL and Linear Algebra- Orthogonal and QR decomposition Nishikawa Toshio PDF SRC
    Introduction to OpenGL(Nr0)SHIMURA Masato PDF
    Classify numbers of non-zero chalacters in squared integers SUZUKI Giichiro PDF SRC
    Calculus for Finance(Nr3)Inner products TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF
    Kendors coefficient of contengencyNAKANO Yoshihiro PDF SRC
    J Quick References(Ver 2)SHIMURA Masato PDF

    27/FEB/2010 Statistical Mathematics Institute(Tachikawa Tokyo)
    About J Add-on Cluster Analysys(Dentrite)SHIMURA Masato PDF
    Error function(erf) and ProbitSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    How to use Hypergeometric functionNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
    OpenGL Graphics using J(7)Fuller Dome NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
    Calculus for Finance(2)Term and Rate formula TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF SRC
    Classify numbers of non zero chalacters in squared integers SUZUKI Giichiro PDF SRC
    Rank problemsNAKANO Yoshihiro PDF SRC
    How to calc:4x3-14%(-2)NAKANO Yoshihiro PDF

    23/JAN/2010 Mathematics Institute Tachikawa/Tokyo
    J OpenGL graphics(6)Soccer ballNishikawa Toshio PDF SRC SRC
    Calculas of Finance(Nr.1)Present-Value,End-value,and Years-valueTakeuchi Juichiro PDF PDF
    Classify Integers with number of squared charactorSuzuki Giichiro PDF
    Revision of J quick References(Draft)Shimura Masato PDF
    To divide IntegersNakano Yoshihiro PDF SRC

    Workshop of JAPLA 2009


    05/DEC/2009 Statistical Mathematics Institute(Tachikawa)Symposium
    New Facilities of MS-WORD 2007TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF
    Introduction to EXCEL2007TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF
    Bitwise calculation (b.) of J NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
    OpenGL for J(4)Top coordination of Dodecahedron and Icosahedron NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
    OpenGL for J(5)Rotate the Dodecahedron and IcosahedronNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
    J for Novise(PART6)SUZUKI Giichiro PDF
    Finding a Nub number MORISAWA Kazuhiro PDF SRC
    IRR and geometric mean profit rateSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC SRC
    Numerical analsys using Computational Grid-2stage differential equation SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Numerinal analsys using Computational Grid-Partial differential equation(Ellipse) SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Numerical analsys using Computational Grid- partial Differential equation(Parabolic)SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    A Seminor for Group Theory(4)NAKANO Yoshihiro PDF SRC

    28/NOV/2009 suspended

    24/OCT/2009 Statistical Mathematics Institute(Tachikawa)
    OpenGL graphics using J(602)-Rotation of Dice(cube) Nishikawa Toshio PDF SRC
    J for Novice(PART6)Suzuki Giichiro
    Numerical analsys using computational grid(0)2 stage differential equationSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Spectol decomposition of matrixSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    EigenValue problem(11)Simple calculation for EigenvectorNAKANO Yoshihiro PDF SRC

    26/SEPT/2009 Statistical Mathematics Institute(Hiroo)
    Murmuring of APL2 Beginners(2) General Array(2)TAKEUCHI juichiro PDF
    J for Novice(PART6)SUZUKI Giichiro
    A OpenGL Grapgics using J(1)NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC(406) SRC(406)
    A OpenGL Graphics using J(2)- move Octahedron and DodecahedronNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC(406) SRC(406) SRC(406)
    Financial function of J AddonsSHIMURA Masato PDF
    A Present Value and Inner Rate of ReturnSHIMURA MAsato PDF SRC SRC
    Solution with Rational numbers for Equation x^p=p^xNAKANO Yoshihiro PDF

    5-7/AUG.APLConsultants Tateshina Training Center
    Graphics of Flower with J(1)TulipNISHIKAWA ToshioPDF ijs ijs(406)
    Graphics of Flower with J(2)Morning glowNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs(406)
    J for Norvice(PART-VI)SUZUKI Giichiro PDF
    Tacit Iteration of J and Functional ProgramingsSHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
    Probability Distributional Script of J(Introduction) SHIMUA Masato PDF LZH
    NameSpace of APL2SAIGUSA Kyosuke
    About Getexcel.ijsTakeuchi Juichiro PDF SRC
    On Excel.ijsSHIMURA Masato PDF
    NEWTON MethodNAKANO Yoshihiro PDF
    Equationx * tan x Nakano Yoshihiro PDF

    27/June/2009 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Using J-LAB for Presentation Tools without Power pointNishikawa Toshio PDF
    Windows Graphics for Binary Notation AdditionNishikawa Toshio PDF
    The Form of Barrier Option Pricing ModelsTakeuchi Juichirou PDF SRC
    J for Novice(PARTV)Suzuki Giichiro PDF
    Tara and JfilesShimura Masato PDF
    Surrounding of Newton MethodShimura Masato PDF
    Hurst exponent-supeculating the Longterm Memory and Complexity-Shimura Masato PDF SRC DATA
    J and Group theory(Nr.3)Nakano Yoshihiro PDF

    30/MAY./2009 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    J for Novice(PARTIV)SUZUKI Giichiro
    Group theory using Jーas Philosophy and ToolーNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
    An Excesize of Group theory(Part2)NAKANO Yoshihiro PDF
    A Murmer of APL2 Beginner(No.1)TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF
    APL/J are recieving attention ?YOKOYAMA Akira PDF PDF
    How to Make Form-make Form for Barrier Option-TAKEUCHI , SHIMURA PDF SRC
    How to use jfiles SHIMURA Masato PDF
    Search the small Network using Genetic Algolithm SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC

    25/APR./2009 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Numerical tests onth Exiotic Option Pricing Model(Nr.11)- The Barrier Option Pricing Model(6) TAKEUCHI Jyuichiro PDF SRC
    J language for Hajimetesan(Novice)(PARTII)SUZUKI Giichiro PDF
    Formula of matrix and J programming NISHIKAWA Toshio
    About Conjunction Fit(Customize)(!.)NISHIKAWA Toshio
    Introduction to PLOT of J Language SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Picard IterationSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    An Exercise of Group Theory and J(Nr.1)from Yahoo wit-bags NAKANO YoshihiroPDF

    28/MAR./2009 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Pentomino Puzzle with J(Nr.)NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
    The Donation List of Miyagi APL Education group to Miyagi Prefectual LibralyKIKKAWA Makoto
    Numerical tests onth Exiotic Option Pricing Model(Nr.10)- The Barrier Option Pricing Model(5) TAKEUCHI Jyuichiro PDF
    J Language for Hajimetesan(Novice)(PARTII)SUZUKI Giichiro PDF
    Le Verrie Faddeev method and numerical formulaSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    A trival memo for matrix calculationSHIMURA Masato PDF
    Topics of Pell equation for Big numbersYAMASHITA Noriyuki MAKANO Yoshihiro PDF SRC

    28/FEB./2009 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Number 7 QuestionSUZUKI Giichiro PDF SRC
    Eigenvalue and principal Component AnalsysSUZUKI Giichiro PDF SRC
    APL2 Study Assistance SyatemsSAEGUSA Kyosuke LINK
    Numerical tests on the Exiotic Option Pricing Model(Nr.9) -The Barrier Option Pricing Model(4)TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF SRC
    Taylor Euler and Runge/KuttarSHIMURA Masato PDF PDF SRC
    Julia SetSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    To find amicable numbers using q:(factorization)NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
    A Comment for finding amicable numbers(from Book of Beiler)NAKANO Yoshihiro PDF ijs
    Yamashita style finding amicable numbers(amicay)YAMASHITA Noriyuki PDF
    To erase dialogbox of plot SHIMURA Masato PDF

    24/JAN/2009 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    LDU decomposition and modified Cholesky decompositionSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    A J script of Function (Nr.0)SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Lorenz Rossler and Lotka/Volterra SHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Frequency distribution and central limit theoremNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF SRC
    Numerical tests onth Exiotic Option Pricing Model(Nr.8)- The Barrier Option Pricing Model(3) TAKEUCHI Juichiro PDF SRC
    Activity And Architecture Based Costing - approach to (Triple-ABC)TOYAMA Takayuki
    Cosmic Heat Emission concept to 'stop' global warning TOYAMA Takayuki(Int.J.Global Environmental Issues. Vol.9.Nos1/2)
    Number 7 questionSUZUKI Giichiro PDF SRC
    Eigen Values and Principal component analsysSUZUKI Giichiro PDF SRC
    An Example of outerproducts of sum/BASIC and J/APL styleNAKANO Yoshihiro PDF

    Workshop of JAPLA 2008

    06/DEC/2008 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    <Tutoroal Session>
    About Boss&Huis Partition Program NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF
    A histry of complex number and J GraphicsSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    <Study Session>
    Numerical Tests on the Exotic Option Pricing Model(Nr.7)- The Barrier Option Pricing Model(2) TAKEUCHI Jyuichiro PDF SRC
    J QUick reference(Suzuki version) Suzuki Giichiro PDF
    Translation base with desimalSuzuki Giichiro PDF SRC
    Introduction of Boolean and Logics using JSHIMUAR Masato PDF SRC
    Game Tree and warshall/Friod MethodSHIMURA Masato PDF SRC
    Translation base with desimal( #.)NAKANO Yoshihiro PDF
    5 square roots NAKANO Yoshihiro PDF
    Calculate 1000 desimal of exponentYAMASHITA Noriyuki PDF

    2008 11 25 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Discern ANalsysSUZUKI Giichiro PDF ijs
    Why College Student isnt able to calculate a fractionNISHIKAWA ToshioPDF
    Fraction to Egyptian FractionNISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
    Circle function of J etc.SHIMURA Masato PDF
    Detail Condition and distribution(Quere part 2)SHIMURA Masato PDF ijs
    Base transform with decimal(#. and dot)NAKANO Yoshihiro PDF ijs

    2008 10 25 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    A simulation of Congestion by Self-driven particles(Ver.2 )SHIMURA Masato PDF LZH
    Expantion and displaceSHIMURA Masato PDF
    APL Study Assistance Program SAIGUSA Ryosuke LINK
    Clear display J wiki page NISHIKAWA Toshio PDF ijs
    Resolution of fraction to unit oneSUZUKI Giichiro PDF ijs
    Partition of integer with reservationNAKANO Yoshihiro PDF ijs

    2008 09 27 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Wonder of desimal circulation Nishikawa ToshioPDF
    Using Warshall-Floyd method searching maze Shimura Masato PDF SRC
    Complex number and J LanguageSuzuki GiichiroPDF
    Partition to very huge Number(220*10^3)Nakano Yoshihiro PDF
    Calculation of remainder with block numberNakano Yoshihiro PDF

    2008 08 2-4 Tateshina APL Consultants Training Center
    J for HajimetesanSuzuki Giichiro PDF
    Numerical Tests on The Exotic Pricing Models-(part6) The Barrier Option Pricing Models(1)Takeuchi Juichiro PDF
    The Beta binominal distribution and marketingKitayama
    CI and Random walkShimura Masato PDF ijs
    Numeric recipes for EconometricsShimura Masato coming soon

    2008 07 26 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Leslie matrix and population Shimura Masato PDF SRC
    Probrem of 142857(desimal fraction appear when inverse 7)Suzuki Giichiro PDF SRC
    Monte Carlo simulation of circular constant(pi)Giichiro Suzuki PDF
    searching maze with tree using JNishikawa Toshio PDF SRC
    The current of Partition hugh Numbers Nakano Yoshihiro PDF
    Partition Huge Numbers(sequel)Nakano Yoshihiri PDF

    2008 06 28 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    WHITE&BLACK puzzle and search program on J Nishikawa Toshio PDF SRC
    On the problem of Partition of Integers Suzuki Giichiro PDF SRC
    J for Hajimetesan(partIV)Suzuki Giichiro PDF
    count 3.14(pi)by throwing StoneShimura Masato PDF SRC
    Matrix algebra and its application Shimura Masato PDF SRC(LZH)
    Partition hugh NumbersNakano Yoshihiro PDF

    2008 05 24 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    8 Queen probrem with J(Lisp like solution)Nishikawa Toshio PDF SRC
    Bool Algebra and calculation switching circuit Nishikawa Toshio PDF SRC
    Partition Number:Final VersionSuzuki Giichiro PDF SRC
    J for Hajimetesan(beginner)(sequel:part1)Suzuki Giichiro PDF
    A bayes probability and Study EngineShimura Masato PDF SRC
    Topics of Partition NumberNakano Yoshihiro PDF
    Hand Calculation of Partition NumberYamashita Noriyuki PDF SRC

    2008 04 26 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    ( Queens with (part1)Nishikawa Toshio PDF SRC
    A mathematical graphics function on J(nplot2)Part2Nishikawa Toshio PDF SRC SRC
    Partition number(sumup method)Shimura Masato PDF SRC
    Generalized inverse matrix of Moore PenloseShimura Masato PDF SRC
    Partition numberSuzuki Giichiro PDF SRC
    Topics of Partition numberNakano Yoshihiro PDF

    2008 03 22 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Mathematical function of J graphics(nplot)(1) Nishikawa Toshio PDF SRC
    Difference of gl2 graphics between J5 and J6 ーwith simple test scriptsNishikawa Toshio PDF SRC SRC
    Simuration and random numbers(quere) Shimura Masato PDF SRC
    About J602Shimura Masato PDF
    Topics of Eigen-Vector calculationー J ans Eigenvalues(10)Nakano Yoshihiro PDF

    2008 02 23 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    A general Lemniscate figure with J graphics Nishikawa Toshio PDF SRC
    Partition of number and J program Nishikawa Toshio PDF SRC
    Partition of number Suzuki Giichirou PDF
    Wavelet and Linear algebra Shimura Masato PDF SRC
    A topic for calculate CombinationNakano Yoshihiro PDF

    2008 01 26 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Digital Geometrics using J(Nr5)Lemniscate Nishikawa Toshio PDF SRC SRC
    M. a new function of J602 -Partition and its programNishikawa Toshio PDF SRC
    Fortune number(revised)Suzuki Giichiro PDF
    Combine J,R and TimsacShimura Masato PDF
    To find Eigenvalues of non symmetric matrix Shimura Masato PDF SRC
    About 5th Quintic equation(Nr1)Nakano Yoshihiro PDF
    Another reduction method of matrix(sylvester theorem) Yamashita Noriyuki PDF

    Workshop of JAPLA 2007

    2007 11 24 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    J for Hajimetesan,(novice /revised)Suzuki Giichiro PDF
    Draw Apolonius Circle using J GraphicsNishikawa Toshio PDF SRC SRC
    About J602(beta)Shimura Masato PDF
    Tara and EXCELShimura Masato PDF
    A lacarte of CalculusShimura Masato PDF
    Another method to calculate Determinant Nakano Yoshihiro /Yamashita Noriyuki PDF

    2007 10 27 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Proof on arithmatic[the point that the line from inner point to the side edge of triangular is same to the center of gravity ] Suzuki Giichiro PDF
    Digital geometrics and J(part 2)using OOPNishikawa Toshio PDF SRC SRC
    Calcing repeatedly in tacitShimura Masato PDF
    Turtles run in a Circuit Shimura Masato PDF SRC
    Eigen Values and J(6) mainly frame method Nakano Yoshihiro/Yamashita Noriyuki PDF

    2007 09 21 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Another J PrimerMasato Shimura PDF
    Traffic simulation on realtime display using Turtle Graphics Masato Shimura PDF SRC
    Ramanujan number-1729 Giichiro Suzuki PDF
    Digital geometrics and J(part 1)draw LarsonToshio Nishikawa PDF SRC
    Eigen Values and J(5) Danielevski and Faddeev methodYoshihiro Nakano PDF

    2007 08 04-06 APL Consultants Tateshina Training Center
    Caos Fractal and J GraphicsToshio Nishikawa PDF SRC
    J for Hajimetesan(newcommer)(revised Ed.) Giichiro Suzuki PDF
    Current of APL and UNICODER.Saigusa
    I/O System using JDLLServer and VB6 Rentaro Toribe PDF LZH
    Turtle GraphicsMasato SHimura PDF

    2007 06 23 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Some topics of Fibonatti progression Nishikawa Toshio PDF
    To experience EigenValue and EigenVector using J graphics Nishikawa Toshio PDF SRC
    Numerical Tests on the Exotic Option Price Models(Nr.5) The Cashon Derivery Option Pricing Model Takeuchi Juichiro PDF SRC
    Burnslays IFS/A world of dot paintingShimura Masato PDF SRC
    J for Hajimetesan/noviceSuzuki Giichiro PDF
    Eigen value and J(3/draft for Vector)(4)Nakano Yoshihiro PDF PDF

    2007 05 26 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    J for Hajimetesan(novice)(2)Giichiro Suzuki PDF
    Parametric Statistics and JGiichiro Suzuki
    Regular Expression of J programming(3)find Eigenvalue Toshio Nishikawa PDF SRC/LZH
    Numerical Tests on the Exotic Option Price Models(Nr.4) The Power Option Pricing ModelJuichiro Takeuchi PDF
    Timsac for RMasato Shimura PDF
    Caos CG Collection by H.KawakamiMasato SHimura PDF SRC
    J Language and Eigenvalue(2)Yoshihiro Nakano PDF

    2007 04 28 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Shelpinski and Character FractalsToshio Nishikawa PDF SRC/LZH
    Impulse responce on VAR regression Masato Shimura PDF SRC
    Fourier SeriesMasato Shimura PDF SRC
    The Way to a Nested ArrayMasato Shimura PDF SRC
    J for Hajimete-san(novice)Giichiro Suzuki PDF
    Numerical Tests on the Exotic Option Price Models(Nr.3) The Spread Option Pricing ModelJuichiro Takeuchi PDF SRC
    To find Eigenvalue using JYoshihiro Nakano PDF

    2007 03 24 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    The Status and Problem of Mathematics education on Japanese High School Makoto Kikkawa PPT
    A program make QR Code using APLYoshinori Saigusa
    Input and Output of J function via VBA form Rentaro Toribe PDF SRC(LZH)
    Using Excel-VBA on J Toshio Nishikawa PDF SRC/LZH
    The J form on the Calculation of the Milling and Grind Process PricesJyuichiro TakeuchiPDF
    A Approximation of percent point of F distribution using polynominal Giichiro Suzuki PDF
    Graphics of JーPixelMasato Shimura PDF SRC
    Numeric Recipe for Econometrics/Smoothing and seasonal AdjustmentMasato Shimura PDF SRC
    Primary mathematics and J language Yoshihiro Nakano PDF

    2007 02 24 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Using J-DLL Server on Bisual BasicReataro Toribe PDF SRC/LZH
    Analize Excel-OLE of JToshio Nishikawa PDF
    On the display style of Boxed Japanese phrase in J 601Juichiro Takeuchi PDF
    Graphics on J(primary-1,2)Masato Shimura PDF PDF SRC/LZH

    2007 01 27 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Conjunction under(&.)and calculate harmonic mean Toshio Nishikawa PDF
    J and Word,Excel,HTML Toshio Nishikawa PDF
    The Estimation of Time-to-failure of DVD with 25 degree Giichiro Suzuki PDF
    Graphics of J (Nr.0)viewmatMasato Shimura PDF SRC
    Numerical Tests on the Exotic Option Pricing Model-2- ーDialog-box Programming in J for Plain-vanilla Option Pricing Model-Juichiro Takeuchi PDF

    Workshop of JAPLA 2006

    JAPLA Workshop 2006

    2006 11 25 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Graphics approach to differrencial equation using J (nr. 2) Toshio Nishukawa/Yoshihiro Nakano PDF SRC
    J and Frenchーwhy Iverson named tally(#)Toshio Nishikawa PDF
    J and Chinese -about dangan and wenjianToshio Nishikawa PDF
    To Graphics of Nishikawas differential equationYoshihiro Nakano PDF
    Discrininant Analsys Giichiro Suzuki PDF SRC
    Aqualium of function Masato Shimura PDF SRC
    Markov Chain and transition of probability(J6)Masato SHimura PDF SRC

    2006 10 28 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Programming design of stock chart Kyosuke Saigusa
    Nonparametric test for trendGiichiro Suzuki PDF
    J quick reference (New)Giichiro Suzuki PDF
    Graphics approach to differrencial equation using J (nr. 1) Toshio Nishikawa PDF
    From Binominal Process to Brown Process
    in Black-Sholes Option Pricing Model
    Jyuichiro Takeuchi PDF
    Introduction to probability differrential equation using J Yoshihiro Nakano PDF
    Aquarium of function Masato Shimura PDF SRC

    2006 09 30 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Attention to Using J6 Masato Shimura PDF
    Nonlinear Calculation and nonlinear Regression with Newton Method Masato Shimura PDF lzh
    Thinking about Differrential Equation under APL/J Toshio Nishikawa PDF
    Learning Chinese with J Toshio Nishikawa PDF
    Testing name using regular expression of J Toshio Nishikawa PDF
    Automatic modification MS-DOS・N88/BASIC Programs by J Jyuichiro Takeuchi PDF
    A statiscal analsys of Soccer Worldcup 2006 data Giichiro Suzuki PDF
    Calculation of cubic root to multi times length division Yoshihiro Nakano PDF
    Calculation from cubic root to 11 square root using Pocket Computer and J Yoshihiro Nakano PDF


    2006 08 5-7 Tateshina APL Cousaltant Training Center
    Topics of APLR Saigusa
    Tutorial seminor Giichiro Suzuki PDF
    Brown movement and Probability differential equation Takeshi Takayama
    「J-OOP GRID programing (No 6)JーGRID-SHEET Toshio Nishikawa PDF
    The Black-Sholes Option Pricing Model Juichiro Takeuchi PDF
    Nonlinear simaltaneous equation Masato Shimura PDF ijs


    2006 07 22 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Sample distribution and impartial distribution Giichiro Suzuki PDF
    Displase a character Strings Toshio Nishikawa
    Sudoku computer S and Y Nakano Yamashita Nishikawa PDF
    J Phrase (No 15)Juichiro Takeuchi PDF
    Health care Keiichi Nakamura
    Simaltaneous regression model Masato Shimura PDF LZH


    2006 06 24 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    JのOOP and GRID Programing with J(No 5)Toshio Nishikawa PDF
    Anxious about Computer Education Toshio Nishikawa
    J Phrase (No 14)Juichiro Takeuchi PDF
    Health care Keiichi Nakamura
    Rice price in Dohjima Rice Market Masato Shimura PDF ijs


    2006 05 26 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Introduction of J for Jr HighschoolToshio Nishikawa PDF
    A Easy Windows Conbasation systemーToshio Nishikawa PDF
    Sudoku PC or Brain calculous S and Y Nakano Yamashita Nishikawa PDF
    APL in Excel using APLEXLR. Saigusa PDF
    J Phrase(N0 13)Juichiro Takeuchi PDF
    Health care Keiichi Nakamura
    Random walk and tree of binominal process Masato ShimuraPDF
    Game Theory with J (No-0) Masato ShikuraPDF ijs


    2006 04 22 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    J Phrase(No12)Juichiro Takeuchi PDF
    A Happy Number Keiichi Nakamura
    I. and merge Masato ShimuraPDF
    Game Theory with J(N0-0) Masato ShimuraPDF ijs


    2006 03 25 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Instant Cource for APL(1)  using APL on EXCEL LRyosuke Saigusa
    Sugession to Japanese IT educationMakoto Kikkawa
    Object orientated programming with J(4)    ―Sudoku puzzle using J-Grid Toshio Nishikawa PDF
    Sudoku and APLYoshihiro Nakano
    A happy number and circle numberKeiichi Nakamura
    Ruin problems and exchange presents Giichiro Suzuki PDF SRC
    Inverse of 3D matrix Masato ShimuraPDF
    A numeric recipe for Econometrics Masato ShimuraPDF

    2006 02 25 Statistical Mathematics Institute/Hiroo Tokyo
    Metlovs triumphJuichiro Takeuchi PDF
    A object Oriented Programming using J(No 3)-Make calender with Js Grid Toshio Nishikawa PDF
    Puzzle Sudoku and J(No2)Nakano Nishikawa Yamashita PDF
    Boots trap regression analsys and interval estimate of lifeGiichiro Suzuki PDF
    APL and JKeiichi Nakamura
    Some topics for random walkMasato Shimura PDF
    A numeric recipe for Econometrics(part 1)Masato Shimura PDF

    2006 01 28 Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Bergian NumberJuichiro Takeuchi PDF
    Movie「Numerical Formula which loved DR.」Masato Shimura PDF ijs
    Solve SUDOKU pazzle using JToshio Nishikawa HTML
    Sudoku and JY.Nakano T Nishikawa N.Yamashita PDF
    Dispersion level of categorical dataGiichiro Suzuki HTML ijs
    Plesure of number(5)Keiichi Nakamura
    Select variables using AICMasato Shimura PDF ijs
    Internal rate of return ・IRRMasato Shimura PDF

    Workshop of JAPLA 2005

    2005 11 26 The Statistical Mathematics Institude
    A function OLE to EXCEL and character table/getexcel.ijsJuichiro Takeuchi PDF SRC
    Numerical calculation using character list Toshio Nishikawa
    A subject of prime and composition numbeGiichiro Suzuki PDF
    Beautiful SORT(J and group -2)Masato Shimura PDF SRC
    pleasure of mathematics(4)Keiichi Nakamura

    2005 10 22 The Statistical Mathematics Institude所
    Tower of Hanoi・Loop and self referenceNakano Nishikawa Yamashita HTML SRC
    J and Associated MatrixToshio Nishikawa HTML SRC
    Change Code・J and Group (1)Masato Shimura PDF
    Pleasure of Mathematics(3)Keiichi Nakamura

    2005 7 23 The Statistical Mathematics Institute
    How to find firtune numbers Giichiro Suzuki DL(SRC)
    Pleasures of mathematics /a fortune numberKeiichi Nakamura
    To make [TRUE] Science Pocket CalculatorToshio Nishikawa
    Deseasonalizing Masato Shimura PDF DL(SRC)

    2005 6 24 The Statistical Mathematics Institute
    Find prime number using Eratstenes riddle(Lisp,Gofer APL,and J) Toshio Nishikawa
    Find root in high order equation Kazuhiro Morisawa
    Pleasures of mathematics /a happy numberKeiichi Nakamura
    Time series / solve equation with simple direct methodMasatoShimura PDF DL(SRC)
    Plot graphics with Japanese color Masato Shimura DL(SRC)

    2005 5 29 Sunrise 99RI
    Recommendation of Programing with Japanese LetterToshio Nishikawa
    Development the Instant Life Evaluation of DVD DiskGiichiro Suzuki SRC(HTML)
    Econometrics (lets begin with 3 of one line scrit)Masato Shimura DL DL(SRC)

    2005 4 23 Institute od Statistical Mathematics
    Mersenne number Nakano/Nishikawa/Yamashita SRC(HTML)
    Program for Music transcodeSatoru Yokoyama DL
    to make the Magic square with one by one input methodKeiichi Nakamura
    Buisiness and Scientufic Graph with J (revised)Masato SHimura DL
    Haar wavelet Masato SHimura DL SRC(HTML)

    2005 3 26 Institute of Statistical Mathematics
    translate the Code name -tiny tool with J -Toshio Nishikawa
    News to Mersenne number 42Nakano/Nishikawa
    The Bootstrap MethodGiichiro Suzuki DL
    Magic squarer with one to one input methodKeiichi Nakamura
    To solve binominal equation and plotKazuhiro Morisawa弘 DL
    plot (introduce a new facilities on J504)Masato Shimura DL